Klosup.jpg (4690 bytes)The webmaster and his band of helpers will strive to catalogue the vast amount of clippings about Ms Amapola from her enduring reign as  Singing Star here and abroad from as early as 1970 to the present date. This project is immense and therefore will create many varied changes in this section of the Amapola Official Website. We are starting to catalogue Ms Amapola's clippings right from the beginning of her childhood career but started with the mid - 70's to early '80's. One thing all of us agree upon in this project is that it is always exciting as we uncover precious mementos and archived clippings from the media all over the world. Thanks for visiting. We are the Webmaster with the assistance of the Amapola diehards: Sonny Viao., Selena Lacson., Mack Manx & Wolfgang & Manolo Paredes.



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