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IPPY Award Winner 2004

Fiction Romance Finalist
 Book of the Year Award Foreword Magazine 2004-05

Amapola's 2nd novel
Coming in August!

Florida Writers Association
Romance Category
1st Place: "COMING HOME"


iUniverse -- August 2003
ISBN: 0-595-27601-6

Little Charity Ashlyn is losing her beloved home for the second time as her parents go through a messy divorce due to her father's gambling and infidelity. The emotional turmoil of these early years leaves Charity with the inability to trust until her relationship with her childhood sweetheart Michael finally fails. It was the sudden appearance of Ben Cartier in her life that changed Charity's life forever and although she loved him with all of her heart the ensuing years see her in one living nightmare as she lurched from one disastrous relationship to another. Her encounter with the single and attractive Gregory Grant brought her to a startling revelation and a tragic turn of events that will forever change her life. Years later, Charity and Michael came together again only to lose touch once more amid career demands and busy family lives. But in the knowledge and safety of their friendship, they jointly made a decision they should have made years before. Charity began to believe and trust the love she felt for Michael. Their reunion promises to reverse her wheel of destiny but will fate see her through?


"Now I know there is an alternative to watching TV ! I have read "Coming Home".From page one I was quickly immersed in the story. On passing the halfway point I felt a desire to slow my reading rate in order to put off the time when i would reach the last page and the enjoyment would end ."  John Porter,  Australia


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