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Weekly TV Musical Show
Vilma Santos and Edgar Mortiz co stars with Amapola and Tirso Cruz III in "The Sensations"
The Young Ones, ABS-CBN
Amy and other young stars co-billed with Vilma Santos and Edgar Mortiz
Kapantay Ay Langit, Winner at the Manila Filmfest
Amapola and George Canseco accept the Manila Filmfest awards for the theme from the film of the same title, Kapantay Ay Langit.
Local (Cebuano ) TV Shows
Includes her earliest television work - "Amapola Sings" on ABS Cebu.
MS Song of Flower special
Amapola appears in a TV-documentary special for the Song Of Flower
Pilar Pilapil Show - directed by Mitos Villareal, Amapola guests and performs "McArthur Park" with full orchestra back - up.
Jeanne Young Show directed by Mitos Villareal


An Evening With Pilita - Amapola appears as vocalist and instrumentalist with the Manny Cabase Sextet and the vocal group: The Vikings
Pilita Corrales Christmas Special - Amapola performs solo and also performs with the vocal group: The Minor Changes
Helen Gamboa Show - directed by Fritz Ynfante
Superstar with Nora Aunor - seasonal appearances
Vilma Santos Show -  seasonal appearances
Justo C. Justo Etsos Lang TV Show Co-Host
Joe Quirino Show (seasonal appearances)
Elvira Manahan Show -  seasonal appearances
Martin Nievera and Pops Fernandez Show - Amapola duets with Martin Nievera singin "Tonight, I Celebrate My Love For You"
Oh No, It's Joey Television Late Show
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