Recordings and Soundtracks
(in chronological order)
Single : Halad Sa Amahan
Single : Ah Choo! (Comedy)
Single: Maling Akala/Sa Dulo ng Landas
Single : Starlight, Starbright (First Star)
Single: Yoshiko (Japanese)
Single: I Can't Live Without You
Single: All The Time, Vernacular Version
Disco Single : Sexy Eyes, Vernacular Version
Disco Single: Keep The Fire Burning
Single CD: Angelitos Negros/Amapola (in English & Spanish)
Single CD: Halad Sa Amahan, Father's Day Gift series
Album Cassette - "Tribute to Fathers" - "Halad Sa Amahan" featuring the album title. Music by Amapola and lyrics by Nanette Edillon.
Matud Nila Album - produced by Vicor Recording Company, unreleased.
Album Cassette - "Timeless" Homecoming Recording Session in Manila for Amapola. She reunites with Phil Torres, Domy Legaspi & Maury Cruz among others in the band to record her first CD with the group.
Album CD - "Songs and Amapola" Her first album by Pioneer Records
Album CD - You Don't Know Me - reproduction of Songs and Amapola and remastered by Infinity Productions, England.
Album CD - Amapola, Live at The Manila Hotel, the first live album produced in its entirety in the Philippines. Mixed and mastered in Music City, Nashville, Tennessee.
Album CD - Sophisticated Lady - Latin Jazz album with Bobby Enriquez and the Cal Tjader Trio with Baba Tunde on the processions.
Album CD - Manny Cabase Compositions - compilation of Manny Cabase songs with lyrics by Saturnino A. Villarino, vocals, Amapola.
Album CD - Broadway, My Way - a collection of Amapola's Broadway hits onboard cruise ship headliner concerts.
Album CD - Coming Home - The first and still the only Amapola on piano album. Includes pop and semi-classics to classic piano solos.
Album CD: Coming Home II, In progress
Album CD - "Memories...songs my father taught me"
Album CD - Amapola en Español with Mario Pedone (in progress)
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