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    Mahnee and Sheila Cabase  

My mother and father. Photo taken a few years ago.
How I wish I had more time with them. I miss them so desperately. We created a tributary website for them at www.cabasemusic.com

Their love affair began sixty years ago when he was idolized by bobby-soxers in the Visayan Islands. Handsome with dark good looks and loaded with musical talent, the 19 year old musician/singer born and raised in the musical ghettos of San Nicolas, enthralled many young women with his music and his looks. One of them was a fifteen year old girl from Tuburan, Cebu, also a music enthusiast and a classic pianist named Priscilla. Mane' Cabase as he was named then, was already a man of the the entertainment world, traveling the country and abroad with his band of renown. Priscilla's loyalty as a fan and her constant presence in their performances caught Mane's attention. They became friends and Mane' became Priscilla's musical mentor, sharing his self-taught knowledge in music. Eventually this platonic relationship blossomed into a full-pledged first love for Sheila and the last love for Mane' Cabase of the famous Cabase Brothers. Little did they know that in their first few years of marriage that they won't even have the luxury of celebrating their wedding vows nor enjoy a honeymoon. The Japanese had occupied Cebu and they hid in the mountains for a couple of years staggering from village to village for food in order to survive. Mane' soon realized that his music would help them survive and they both learned to speak Japanese, just enough to announce that he was a musician and can play great Japanese music and enough for Sheila to help with useful  communications between the Cebuano's and the Japanese. Then came peace time and a daughter was conceived and born in Cebu City. That was me. Life with my parents had always been about music and I grew up thinking that everyone sang and played an instrument. I learned to play eight and felt insecure about it because my father played at least 28. My mother would have been termed 'momager' as they call them in Hollywood nowadays. It was because of her that I became who I am today. My father wanted me to be a doctor so it was my Mommy who worked hard for whatever successes I had gained in my lifetime as an entertainer. I miss her terribly and think of her constantly. I find her and my father in every note and every lyric that I sing. (Happy Mothers Day Mommy. Lots of happiness to you both. Love, Pol)

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