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Journal Entries

My first entry, the debut of this website, June 29, 2001 is my biography published on my favourite Philippine website, eSprint.com - one of the most generous, most entertaining websites on the net. You will find many other biographies of celebs & icons of the Visayas. Visit eSprint POINT CEBU now!

Here is a copy of the brochure that was created  a decade ago to promote a new show that we were producing in Las Vegas then.
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Here's the funny autograph my friend Brendan (Fraser) wrote whilst dining onboard the MS Song Of Flower. We were served caviar that night and in his autograph he wrote: "Best Wishes and Fishes".
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The special Ode to Amapola written by the notable Filipino composer: George Canseco. Click here to read his words.

New: My personal views of my country the Philippines

New: Archived Clippings. I can never thank my webmaster Mack and his cohorts, the Amapolians as they call themselves who are patiently digging through thousands of pages of clippings amassed since 1970, some even before that year. I've watched them work through the massive collection and I am forever grateful for their dedication. Lord knows I don't think I will have the same patience, even though the clippings are mostly about me. I wish there would be a machine that would swallow all of these news and magazine clippings and spew out webpages in return. It's a good 40 year collection so it will be interesting to watch how these determined fans and now my personal friends will showcase the collection. I can't wait!

About Hector Santos: One evening Kathy Llamas from PhilRadio International forwarded an email to me with the Subject: "You'll get a kick out of this". It was an email from someone named Hector Santos with an attachment, so I thought what else is new? I absent-mindedly opened it and there was an interesting title, then I saw my name and thought "oh, someone has written something about me", so what else is new. For the next few minutes I was riveted and could not stop reading. I was amazed at the many coincidences in the story and thought it was a hoax written by an old flame or admirer who knew me well. I knew it was fiction but some of the personal details about the fictionalised Amapola were too close to home except for the disparity in successes in our respective endeavors. I proceeded to meet Mr. Hector Santos online and found out that he did not know anything about me as he had left the Philippines a long time ago. All I can say is that this is the strangest of all coincidences I have ever experienced. Thanks to my Radyo Bisaya ng Amerika, I am able to publish this fictionalised story written by Mr. Santos whom I have never met before. Soon his own personal comments will be added here on this page. I hope you enjoy this short fictionalised story as much as I have. And to Hector Santos, yes, there is an Amapola.
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After you read this, let me know what you think about this article about th e name Amapola? I found this at http://www.kabalarians.com/female/amapola.htm

Re: The name Amapola


The first name of Amapola gives you a dynamic and highly strung nature. You have a humanitarian and principled side to your character and will go out of your way to help someone if you feel there is injustice or unfairness. You often become involved in situations without any thought of the consequences. You are basically seeking truth in life and have a very analytical and questioning mind. Being perceptive and intuitive, you often respond to your hunches, which can lead you into bitter experiences. You love change, travel, and new opportunities and dislike monotonous detail. Though you show enthusiasm over a new-found interest, you seldom finish the things you start. If you are repressed or restricted in any way, you become frustrated, moody, and depressed. You often speak directly and can be cutting and sarcastic. You experience many disappointments with people, for you trust others and take them at their word, only to be let down. In time, you could become cynical and extremely critical towards people. Your driving, seeking nature and intensity of feelings could cause you to experience nervous breakdowns, nervous problems, fits, goitre, or a weak and sensitive solar plexus. An impulsiveness could cause you to be accident prone.

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