Amapola, In her own words...

Embrace Your Passion

I uncovered my passion for music when my movie musical director Dad cast me to sing the theme song of a movie when I was five. From that point on, I had a musical career, involved in conducting toy orchestras, singing in school musicals, and writing scores for bands.

Live Life in Song

I followed my dream to the Philippine "Big Apple", Manila and I starred and hosted TV variety shows when one day a movie producer asked me to co star a film of one of the famous male icons of the time. After a few years, I starred on my first tour abroad, starting in Hawaii, then on to California where I headlined show rooms and clubs and eventually hosted my own TV show on KEMO-TV Channel 20 in San Francisco while simultaneously leading my own band at the Fairmont Hotel.

Be Inspired by Everything

I find singing inspiration all around me.  On days I don't feel like making music, I hear other people's work and I get revved up and want to do the same.  I'm inspired by the most unpredictable moments from the most unpredictable performers. I see the uniqueness in them and it is always a tonic to me.